Easter has past, but many of us find that we are living like we did in the past. We need hope.

Resurrection, Jesus Christ did not rise just so that we could have eternal life. He rose so that the world would know that He has power over death and that he has conquered sin. God is glorified through the resurrection, He is greater. His promises ring true. With the resurrection, we are given the hope and promise of eternal life. If our hope is in Him, His promise is true.

This life keeps on raining down on us with momentary afflictions. But God shelters us, and we know that when all is said and done in this life, His promise is true. Sometimes, the roof feels like it caves in. Perhaps. But our God is greater. His promises ring true. He never promised no hardships, but he did promise freedom and eternal joy through His Son.

We see, touch and hear glimpses of joy. They remind us that we were created in God’s image which is a good thing because, our God is the most joyful being in the Universe. We have hope that joy in it’s fullness will be experienced when we are fully in the Kingdom, in His presence.

Until then, we have hope because of the Resurrection.