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Two Week Wait

God’s perfect timing God’s timing is perfect.  But we all know that it’s hard to believe all the time.  I think it’s hard because He uses trials and tribulations as part of the faith building process. In College, all of

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I walked by a fountain in the mall the other day.  I was reminded of one of my childhood experiences with a shopping mall fountain. I must have been about 6 years old.  I wandered off while my mom was

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EM Radiation

Having seen a friend of mine on national news for a very sad reason has got me thinking again: Is sin more prevalent today than at any other time in history? The crazy part of me wonders if part of

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His Promise is true.

Easter has past, but many of us find that we are living like we did in the past. We need hope. Resurrection, Jesus Christ did not rise just so that we could have eternal life. He rose so that the

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Good Friday

As a child, I thought Good Friday was called “Good Friday” because it was the Friday before a long weekend (in Canada we had Easter Monday eh?) and it was always “Good” to have a long weekend. After I learned

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Adjusting to fast

I used to be fairly good at fasting from food.  When I was younger, 4 days was not a problem.  However, shortly after turning 30, I got a concussion from passing out because I lacked the energy to push open

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Shovel your snow… Please!

The winters in Canada were cold, especially where I lived (from age 9 to 18 I lived in Calgary, Alberta).  There was always snow and ice on the road and sidewalks (don’t listen to people that tell you things like

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