Support Individual Team Members

For privacy reasons, team members are identified by a 2 or 3 character code. Please contact the team member you wish to support and ask them for their donation code. If an individual’s fundraising goal is met, excess funds will go to support other team members as needed. Click a link below to donate to an individual:

Donate to: Ana Morris
Donate to: Andrew Shin
Donate to: Ben Norris
Donate to: Christina Han
Donate to: Christine Yang
Donate to: Danie Pak
Donate to: Eugene Kim
Donate to: Esther Yoo
Donate to: HJ Kim
Donate to: HwaJeong Kim
Donate to: Jungsue Cho
Donate to: Jiyoon Han
Donate to: Jane Lee Song
Donate to: Meghan Neil
Donate to: Moonwon Seo
Donate to: Sophie Cho
Donate to: Sammie Kim
Donate to: Pastor Soo Lee
Donate to: Shin Yeong Song
Donate to: Sharon Yoo
Donate to: Pastor Wonchul Park
Donate to: Yu Na Kim
Donate to: el
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Donate to: jj
Donate to: kc
Donate to: rk
Donate to: sty
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Support 2018 Summer Missions Team (General Donations)

*Funds donated to this Summer Missions General Donation Link will be used for Summer Missions expenses at the church’s discretion and are not designated for any individual team member

Credit/debit card processing is through FKBC’s PayPal for Non-profits’ account.

  • No Paypal account? No problem, it is not required. You can donate with credit/debit card by clicking “Donate”, then clicking “Donate with a debit or credit card”.
  • Paypal deducts a 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction fee. For example, if $100 is donated, then FKBC will receive $97.50 after $2.50 processing fees are deducted. Please consider this when determining your donation amount.
  • If you want a tax-deductible receipt, during donation you must check the form box to share your contact information with FKBC, or we will not be able to send a receipt to you.

Donations are tax-deductible. Living Hope Raleigh is the English-language ministry of First Korean Baptist Church (FKBC). FKBC is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit as a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (North Carolina Baptist Convention).  If you want a year-end tax-deductible receipt, please include the address where you want your tax-receipt to be sent. If you do not include your real name and your address, we cannot send you a year-end tax-deductible receipt. You can always print and keep the donation confirmation web page for your own tax records.