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Queen Esther

The Queen Esther Musical was a great turn-out thanks to the efforts of the youth, the parents, and some of the English Ministry. I really enjoyed this experience during the two months of hard work and practice, because the whole idea of having to work together brought the youth kids closer to each other. Before, there was a big gap between the young middle-schoolers and the older high-schoolers, but as we put the whole musical together, everyone realized that we could not have done it without every single person, no matter what age. Some kids who had not known everyone in the youth group gradually came to know one another and became friends. I especially wanted to thank the younger kids in the youth group for their perseverance and endurance during every weekend. I would say that most of the actual work for the play was done by them. I also wanted to thank the parents for preparing snacks every week and organizing the clubs that put each part of the musical together. Thanks to their leadership, we were able to slowly come to the finished product of Queen Esther. Also, there were significant roles of the EM that directed the play and organized dances to make the play more entertaining. They helped improve each part and I admire their hard work to help and connect with the youth. Lastly, I sincerely thank Pastor Jerry for putting this whole idea together, primarily to bring the youth together to bond. He has been working so hard to make the youth stronger though we have been struggling for a while. I hope that in the future, that we can do this again, with different people doing different things. I really enjoyed it and I am sure that the audience enjoyed it also. The youth meetings every Friday are fun to come to and they are a good time to come to church and connect to God with the fellow church members. I hope that we can do more fun things to bring the youth closer within and also within God. I look forward to having more fun with the youth and maybe even with the English Ministry. This musical has been an awesome experience and it all came together by the work of the church and the glory of God.  I know that we will do even greater things to glorify God and with His help, the church will become even stronger.

– written by Hwajeong Kim


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