We are a community of believers who hope to passionately live out our calling in this life – our hope is in Jesus Christ.  Our identity does not lie in things like ancestry, background, ethnicity, upbringing, or social status…  It is the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the Cross that gives us our true identity.  We are children of God.

We are an evangelical English speaking congregation in an ethnic (First Korean Baptist Church of Raleigh) church.  Our mission is simple: to know Christ Jesus more, and to make Him known to all peoples we encounter and are sent to.

A fairly blunt description of where we are right now:

From Children to Seasoned adults we average just under 200 people in our English speaking worship services and Bible studies every Sunday during the school year, during the summer (when many of our College students go back to their hometown) that number drops by about 30-40.  We have 3 English language worship services on Sunday: Children, Youth, and Adults.

Overall, First Korean Baptist church is an average to large sized church (around 500 people overall on any given Sunday).  FKBC actively supports full time missionaries all over the world, and we have a few short term missions trips throughout the year.  Our Sr. Pastor (Don Choi) has a passion for overseas missions and for teaching, and our Ordained Deacons share the same heart.

We believe in a church within a church model.  Living Hope Raleigh is a congregation that is mainly composed of English speakers who have ties-to/interest-in the Korean community (here in Raleigh, and elsewhere).  By no means are we exclusive in this manner, anyone is welcome to come, it’s just where we are as a congregation within a Church at this current time.  That said, our main focus is the Gospel, and if your focus matches ours, you will fit right in.  We have communities of small groups for all stages of life.  We believe that God created us for community.

Our EM Pastor (Jacob Park) loves to preach from the heart and is Biblically grounded.  You might say we are “Reformed” in theology, if by “Reformed” you mean “doing our best to submit to what scripture teaches about scripture, guided by the Spirit”.  Otherwise, the term “evangelical” should suffice.  We are just fellow pilgrims: learning from those who came before us, while we too learn on the way.

If you wish to know more about who we are (and hopefully, who you are), please visit us on a Sunday or contact us.

First Korean Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.